1000 Most Used French Words; 1 – 10

As I’m feeling a little better I thought to myself that I’d make the most of the lockdown by learning some French. Perhaps you’d like to join me? This will be a series of posts concentrating on the 1000 most useful French words, ten at a time. Some will be so obvious, like the first on this list, you’ll wonder why I’ve included them (answer, because they’re one of the 1000 most used French words 😉). Hope they help you in your efforts too😀.

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NB The ones with little devil symbols next to them are false friends; they look like cognates, but actually have a different meaning.

à – in, at, to.

accepter – to accept

accompagner – to accompany, go with

accord – an accord, agreement

acheter – to buy

action – action

actuel – present, current 😈

addition – check, bill in restaurant 😈

adieu – goodbye

adresse – address