30 Inspiring Kitchen Mantles

I’ve been updating you about the chimney breast that I managed to find a wonderfully detailed shelf for. In my downtime I’ve been daydreaming about how I’m going to decorate the mantle, which of course has led me to Pinterest.

We are in our third confinement here in France and, just before we went into it, my husband and I went into our routine of deciding what we needed in our DIY jobs (he’s repainting the exterior ironwork) and several trips to the shops ensued before many were closed for at least 3 weeks.

On one such trip I went to the brocante and found this amazing shelf…

I think it’s awesome, I love the scalloped detail. My husband and I had talked about if we should get an extractor fan above the oven. His thoughts, and being the primary cook they’re the most important, were that he doesn’t use the one we have in our smaller kitchen. As the room that will be a kitchen is going to be a lot bigger he sees little point in going to the effort and expense of installing one there.

As I’d researched mantle decor I’d wanted some ideas that would really suit a kitchen, so I’d inevitably looked at decor on chimneys and hoods. It looks like all of that may now be useful as I plan to put this above the oven.

The Breakfast Nook Hearth

The first part of my research was for the chimney breast. Some, like the image below, is specifically a dining area. Others are of a country style, but in other rooms of the house.

The painting flanked by sconces is wonderfully effective. These needn’t be electric either, candle sconces would be lovely. Although I wonder how often you’d light them?

This image has the white look I’m going for; the series of rustic ducks is gorgeous. I have a collection of chickens, though not all of the same type and I wonder if I could have a similar effect?

The Newfoundland style, American pilgrimage look is wonderful too. There’s a lot going on here though and I may go for something a little simpler.

Although the mantle is just as full the use of the same type makes it less fussy. I adore etchings and I already have an old photo of a nearby town’s ancient butcheries with butcher in my collection.


Some of the images I found weren’t of the whole mantle, but the way they’ve grouped items together, along with the selection of vintage style pieces are an inspiration.

Below the age of the items isn’t the only thing that gives the display power, it’s the limited and complimentary colour palette too.

You can see the same thing here…


….and here. It’s made me aware of how discerning I need to be when selecting what to display. One of the chickens I have is a pottery rooster that was given to me by my girls. It has bright reds and yellows and would introduce a totally different tone to the display and room.

Still life paintings

In my first image was a painting of a country scene. Here are some beautiful still life’s put to good effect…..

… I found a similar still life and would love to be able to afford it (very unlikely as a result of Covid strangling our income)….

…yet I have to wonder how wise it is to keep such a painting in a kitchen with all the grease?

Elegant Cooker hood

I want the kitchen to have a faded elegance king of feel, so the following selection is a good source, particularly with these brightly coloured roosters below…

….and these chic mini topiaires.

Continuing the natural feel are these simple wreaths.

And more ceramics…

….and this glassware is divine!

Rustic & Country Looks

Although my kitchen is from predominantly recycled materials, so it will have a huge emphasis on the faded side of faded elegance. Even though it won’t be quite as rustic as this first image….

….the next few seemed to strike a good balance between the two styles.


As we’re going to have a pot shelf I’ve also been looking at styling these.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Which are your favourites?

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