Tongue and Groove

I’ve always loved tongue and groove; it seems so much warmer than cold tiles. Followers of the blog will know how I uncovered a stone wall when I took down the staircase in the will be kitchen, as we call it, and I’d hoped to reveal the stones and have it as a feature wall. The difficulty is that I need a lime plaster and, even though I’d found out the name in French and could show pictures of it, I couldn’t locate it here. I’ve no doubt, due to the picture, that it can be obtained, but despite endless attempts to get my message across I failed.

I can communicate effectively in French the majority of the time, but when it comes to technical conversations I’m stumped!

So I opted for tongue and groove. I’ve already completed one area in the kitchen, but doing so over the stone wall is proving difficult. I’ll update you on that later, but in the meantime I thought I’d share my inspiration for this ever so country form of decor.

Not Shiplap

Firstly I want to be clear, when I’m talking about T&G I’m talking the horizontal version, not shiplap. Having said that, there are wonderful examples of this type below…


Here is the quintessential country look I’m going for. It’s very bright and airy; perfect for a kitchen. These interiors range from farmhouse to English country to vintage. J’adore!


You can use it in different lengths, therefore giving the room a look you choose. So if you want to make a room with high ceilings cosier, use it half way up the wall. Use it full length to cover irregular walls. Or one third up the wall, above or below, for just enough detail.

Make it useful

I love that you can use hanging pegs, shelves and rails to make the practical as well as pretty.

Consideration for taps

One of the things I’m having to be careful of is the pipe work. Inevitably there will be leaking taps and that will only affect the woodwork. This is a great solution though.

Door details

I love this extra touch around the door.

Fireplace details

As we’re having an open fireplace in the kitchen I like to look at different ideas to integrate the fireplace with the tongue and groove.

Different colour schemes

These dark colour schemes and the gorgeous pink completely changes the look. I’m so tempted by the pink, but don’t know if it will be too much for my husband. Considering he does most of the cooking it might be a little cheeky to set him up in a candy coloured kitchen!

I’ll update you on the T&G when I’ve finished that corner of the kitchen.

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La Maison du Sacre Coeur

Hi, I'm a SAHM who's moved to France with my husband and two daughters. My blog focuses on our family life & decorating our 18th century village house here. I'm scouring brocantes to find furniture to revive as well as little special somethings for our home. I love DIY and craft - sewing, painting, whatever. If any of these things interest you I'd love for you to stay and wander through the site - especially if you want to tell me what you think! God bless, Andrea

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