Corona 19

I have been sick for a long time with a virus – not Corona 19, thank God. As I’m writing this I’m sat outside the doctors surgery waiting for my third appointment. It’s been going on since Christmas and I’m finding I don’t breathe easily. Would I be as concerned if Corona 19 hadn’t made its way across the globe? Probably not, but the thought that if I were to get that on top of my current difficulty gives me pause enough to return to the doctor.

This is the reason for my lack of posts. I had started a spring clean but even the slightest exertion puts me back at square one. So decorating and crafting is out.

So how has Corona rolled through France and my family?

My husband was away working in the states from mid February and I knew that there was a chance his return might result in our families self quarantine. Added to that, as flights from the states were impeded, I knew I might be dealing with this on my own. So for about three weeks I bought extra supplies. When you live as an expat your social network isn’t as strong or immediate as in your home country – so preparing for this was a necessity for me.

As flight schedules changed in the US and my husband couldn’t change his tickets I insisted on buying a freezer. We have a very small one, and I wanted to ensure we would have enough to only rely on a limited amount of supermarket purchases. They do drive here, but not delivery and as my very young daughter has a habit of touching her nose then everything else I figured I couldn’t take her into a supermarket without being a danger to others.

Perhaps it was because I was already struggling to breathe and finding it challenging to look after the children whilst ill that I had such an impending sense of doom, but I seemed to find it difficult to persuade others of the emerging catastrophe. My husband and I disagreed with the purchase of the freezer. He was facing a different view though; his concern was the tanking of the cruise industry on which our income is derived from. Eventually I just bought one. He reluctantly was ok with it, but as events quickly took a turn for the worse by the time he returned home he was pleased with our purchase.

On top of that I was having difficulty persuading my parents that they should order extra food in and prepare to self isolate. At one stage I was repeatedly phoning in throughout the day to check if they’d done an extra online food order. Eventually I had to give them a stark warning – in Italy where hospital resources are short they’re making battle field decisions and giving everything to the younger people. Dad has underlining health difficulties. Consider what decisions they’ll be making!

I felt bad about it, but it needed to be said. Along with this I had to keep turning down invitations form them to go to lunch with the kids! It’s safe to say it took a little longer for them to acclimatise to the new, temporary normal.

So the freezer got filled and my husband got home just in time.

He caught the last flight out of the US and managed to get one to Paris, then a hire car to our home. It was the day the lockdown started here in France. I was watching President Macron relay his message whilst anxiously waiting for him to get home.

The next day we had to return the hire car so forms had to be filled in and carried with us. It was like a Sunday – no one was out. The hire car shop was shut and we slipped the keys in the letterbox.

As we were doing this I was texting a friend in the UK. She’s a school teacher and was still in the classroom. We seem to be living in parallel universes.

My bronchial infection has cleared, but it’s damaged my capacity to breathe well, so I must use an inhaler. I can’t do much, but rest. At this moment I’m looking on a sunny garden where my girls are riding their bikes. It’s surreal.

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Hi, I'm a SAHM who's moved to France with my husband and two daughters. My blog focuses on our family life & decorating our 18th century village house here. I'm scouring brocantes to find furniture to revive as well as little special somethings for our home. I love DIY and craft - sewing, painting, whatever. If any of these things interest you I'd love for you to stay and wander through the site - especially if you want to tell me what you think! God bless, Andrea

5 thoughts on “Corona 19”

  1. I’ve always had a horrible time with respiratory illnesses since I was a child; I catch them easy, and frequently, and they’re hard for me to shake once I have them. On top of it I’ve got Asthma. I was so worried about the COVID-19 outbreak as soon as reports from China showed Pneumonia and Respiratory problems. My fingers are crossed firmly that you recover well, and don’t catch it in the meantime.


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