Little Details in the Hallway

Little Details In The Hallway

Little Details in the HallwayI haven’t been posting or even reading other blogs as I’ve been hard at it trying to complete the front hallway.

Do you remember when I said I was only going to do a little bit at a time? Ha! I’ve put up a cornice, a picture rail, painted it, added details to the doors….I’m aching 😩, but now it’s taking shape and I’m so happy and excited 🤩.

With lots more to do I thought I’d take the time to share these little glimpses of how it’s taking shape.

Here are my beautiful, vintage Sacred Heart if Jesus and Mary statues on a gold shelf…

Without intending to it seems that the décore of the hallway compliments them beautifully.

This relief is marble and incredibly heavy. I bought the little lights when we first started coming to France. As I dreamed of living here I tucked them away. Now they’re on our wall!

This Art Nouveau holy water fountain is perfect here isn’t it? It’s in pewter and compliments the doors superbly. As you can see I’ve yet to finish the first set of panels as I’m waiting for some more pieces.

I’ll post on the details I’ve added to the doors soon.

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Hi, I'm a SAHM who's moved to France with my husband and two daughters. My blog focuses on our family life & decorating our 18th century village house here. I'm scouring brocantes to find furniture to revive as well as little special somethings for our home. I love DIY and craft - sewing, painting, whatever. If any of these things interest you I'd love for you to stay and wander through the site - especially if you want to tell me what you think! God bless, Andrea

3 thoughts on “Little Details In The Hallway”

  1. You’ve done a superb job !!! It looks has though they were intended for each space. Everything looks so beautiful and elegant. You should feel very accomplished and proud of your achievements,as an artist who has completed a masterpiece. Your home is a showcase of all your marvelous hard work. I know your aching and tired for not only are remodeling but also caring for your family,garden and everything else that comes what may.Youre an amazing,hardworking,wonderful woman. I wish I had your energy. How are your children, I pray this finds them well.The last I heard they were feeling a bit under the weather and so were your bunnies. I pray all is well with all there. I wish I could find the clapping hands emoji for i would certainly applaud you and your hard work 👏👏.👏👏👏 ( I found them 😊) Do take care and try not to over do yourself. Much love sent your way.


      1. Thank you sweetheart I so appreciate your kind words, I pray that I’m a blessing to my family but as you may know ( I hope you do not ) family’s often take things for granted, not intentionally but they do. I trying to be a blessing to all I come in contact with and you have been so very pleasant and encouraging to me also. I enjoy being wholeheartedly honest with my words and deeds for they are coming from my heart. I believe we always should be a blessing to all those around us bringing joy and happiness to another who may be struggling with issues we know nothing about.Even if it’s a smile, a few words of encouragement or a warm embrace to let someone know you’re important to me. I apologize for just a long reply I enjoy talking with you & relish the times I get to with your busy life. Much love and blessings sent my friend ❤ until we speak again.


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