Our first light

Our First Light Has Gone Up!

Our first light


When we rented an old farmhouse in France we found that many of the lights just had wires and a bulb attached. The house owner wasn’t a cheapskate – it’s normal here. Sometimes the bulbs go too! Whenever I remember this I’m struck by the generosity of the people who we bought from as they left not just light shades, but curtains and others things too.

As a result, and because we had planned to stay there a long time originally, I bought many light fixings. One of them was an empire chandelier. It looked a little bedraggled in the shop, but having taken it a part and cleaned it up I think it looks fine now.

You may notice too the ceiling rose which I’ve painted along with the ceiling. It was quite tricky being that it was in situ, and as a result I didn’t take any photos to show you how I got the slight, white edging on the leaves. I’m going to do another soon for the hallway and as it’s in a box at the moment I’ll do a step by step then.

This is a look before…


and after the ceiling rose has been painted….


You can see the cornice and dado rail that I’ve been putting up too, but I’ll tell you about that soon. Sorry about the quality of the photos, the room is a little dark as it’s north facing and a grey day here. If I can I’ll upload better photos later.

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La Maison du Sacre Coeur

Hi, I'm a SAHM who's moved to France with my husband and two daughters. My blog focuses on our family life & decorating our 18th century village house here. I'm scouring brocantes to find furniture to revive as well as little special somethings for our home. I love DIY and craft - sewing, painting, whatever. If any of these things interest you I'd love for you to stay and wander through the site - especially if you want to tell me what you think! God bless, Andrea

5 thoughts on “Our First Light Has Gone Up!”

  1. I was a SAHM for 18 years. It is the best decision you will ever make. Those were the best years of my life. God bless you Andrea. Love, Cindy
    PS: I love what you’ve done so far! Beautiful!


    1. Thank you so much for your kinds words Cindy. I’ve just been reading your Billy Graham and me post – was that sweet little girl in the photo you? I loved your comments about Jesus’ presence, even when you feel you don’t deserve Him. It would be wonderful if you posted on Faith, Family and France. I really want an opportunity for all of the Church – whatever denomination – to come together and be inspired, as well as drawing others to Christ. Heaven knows in Europe the faith is receding so much, it makes you wonder what is coming. God bless you and your mission.

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      1. I also wonder what is coming. There is no better time to draw close to our Lord Jesus. I’m glad you liked the Billy Graham post. Yes, the little girl is me. I am still amazed that a little child could respond to the Gospel and her life would be changed forever because of Jesus’ love. I will respond to your request in the next few days. Love, Cindy


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